Malbec and Duo Cheese

Malbec and Duo Cheese

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Product details

Blend : 100% Malbec               Vintage: 2019

Country: Argentina                   Location: Mendoza

Alcohol: 13.5% ABV

Tasting Notes

Packed with fresh dark fruits of plums, blueberries and blackcurrant. This is a very easy drinking Malbec with plenty of complexity but staying fresh on the palate.

Additional Info

‘Malbec the Messi of grapes from Argentina’

This Malbec over delivers at a very affordable price and showing just why Argentina is leading the way in quality Malbec production.

Hot Chilli (V)

Our spiciest cheddar cheese containing jalapeño, chilli, and cayenne peppers with crushed garlic carefully constructed to ‘kick like a mule’!

Whittington Red (v)

A silky smooth cross between a double Gloucester and Red Leicester with a mature lasting tang.

Please note, all of the cheeses contain Cow’s Milk. (V) is suitable for vegetarians.